Benefit of Advertising on Kanpurize

With its targeted advertising facility Kanpurize help sellers in the city to advertise its business locally to his/her product specific customers. Every seller posting an advertisement on Kanpurize will be able to set its target audience making the advertisement more effective, personal and fruitful. By advertising on Kanpurize, the seller can reduce their cost of advertisement to as low as the cost of two cups of tea per day. Being responsible citizen of the country, we as an organisation promote to reduce the use of paper for traditional way of advertising which results in generating garbage, cutting down of trees, damaging our Mother Earth & go for online advertising and protecting our environment and protecting lives of our kith and kin

How can I advertise on Kanpurize

For anyone, who wants to post an advertisement on Kanpurize must be a user of the portal. Kanpurize take cares of everyone and so anyone who has many ads to post or just one or two, all can post their ads on Kanpurize. Any person who has many ads can buy our monthly or annual advertising packages and who have one or two can go for one time ad posting payments.

Best Advertisement in kanpur

Advertisement can be posted in following steps:

Log-in with your general credentials on the login page.

Go to market place and click on advertisement on Kanpurize.

Read and accept the advertisement policy.

Click on post ad.

Upload your advertising multimedia (image or video), add starting and closing dates, add description and click submit. After successful submitting, your ad will be checked against our advertisement policy. If all are found good your ad will be

posted and you will be informed by email. In case of any violation to the advertisement policy of the portal, your advertisement will be revert back for correction and after correction and rechecking is done and found good, your advertisement will be posted.

Advertisement Policy

Understanding Our Policies:

Our Advertising Policies provide guidance on what types of ad content are allowed. When an advertiser posts an advertisement on Kanpurize, each ad is reviewed against these policies

Kanpurize as a platform does not give permission to advertise the below mentioned products/services- List of restricted products/services to Advertise.

The advertisers must follow the community regulations and should not, knowingly or unknowingly, try to damage the reputation of any user/seller/shop or the portal.

The portal belongs to the whole of Kanpur and it respects the individuality and diversity of its user. Hence, Kanpurize doesn’t allow any advertisement that includes any shocking content or promotes hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence among the users or in the city.

Any advertisement that violates the rights of any third party/any user or any seller, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights, will not be entertained at any cost.

Taking care of the privacy policies of the portal, the advertiser will not, until doing so is extremely important, share or disclose any information relating to any of its customer or with any third party.

Advertising must:

  • Not be deceitful or untruthful
  • Have evidence that backs up their claims
  • Be fair

Additionally, there are laws and regulations that apply to advertisement for mail order products or telephone sales in addition to financial products. The administration of these laws is done by a local district attorney, consumer protection agency or a state attorney general